Our company’s fundamental display and starting point to allow customers to see something different by inspiring them with new ideas and new horizons, our showroom of specimens and unique pieces changes.
By chatting with you, our affectionate customers, we have found that this brief but intense tour is a fundamental step for you during your visit, especially for those who are part of their business on the design and construction of gardens and green areas and need more and more innovative ideas, special varieties and eye-catching items of rare beauty.
While meeting this need, we have decided to modify and perfect our showroom, which has always been the home of exemplary and beautiful plants of our nursery.
This year, the exhibition occupies two sectors of the nursery; we have enlarged it both on the roadside and within the company, trying to give you something more to be useful to you and to make your visit more and more profitable and enjoyable.
We wanted to perfect our old “labyrinth” with its narrow streets where we ventured to discover the various landscapes we had created, hunting for the most hidden plants, transforming it into a real “theater” with various scenery of flowerbeds based on specific combinations and geographic areas.
The great main road, also accessible by car, shows the visitor a whole series of scenarios, giving the impression of a quick trip among the most beautiful gardens in the world.
From Japan, where the landscape is characterized by maples, bonsai and new forms of euonymus, we quickly pass into Tuscany, with cypresses, vines, pomegranates, quercus ilex, quercus suber … and move to the Mediterranean Area, with a rich palm trees with various specimens of cycas, sabal, chamaerops, dracaene and yucca. We have certainly not forgotten the north of Europe, with spectacular conifers, big araucarie, abies, pinus and cedrus; we then cut a different sketch, the topiary bed with its particular forms so typical of Pistoia’s nursery and varietal “new tests”.
And then … we certainly do not want to ruin your surprise!
We can really provide a very wide range of products, give you the right idea and allow you to choose the most suitable pieces for your audience.
We do not want to let you think of garden center owners that we no longer have all that range of products that you are so dear to, but this is only part of our range that we have the pleasure to introduce you with enthusiasm and passion.
In each area we are ready to provide state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of landscapers, gardeners, green architects and collectors who are looking for unique plants, tantalizing specimens, special shapes and big plants (sometimes also in varieties for which it is really difficult to find such impressive pieces!) with which to create modern gardens, characteristic and especially characterized by the presence of at least one truly unique piece!
Just an example, to attract you … what do you think about PRUNUS MUME Bonsai?
Perhaps more famous with the name of Japanese apricot, this small deciduous tree with dark green leaves brings beautiful light pink, single or double, flowers with their delicate perfume.
But do not forget about the whole range for the garden centers, always alike in the vanguard and constantly rich in novelty and little good!
We are waiting for you!