Usually, the gardens do not include fish, cherry or apple trees among the most used trees, yet the simple gesture of planting one of these specimens brings with it that much magic, that feeling of a healthy return to the past that can then donate not only goodness but so much beauty for the whole evolution of the life cycle of the chosen tree.
The thrill of hosting one or more fruit trees starts with the wonderful spring bloom where colors from white to pale pink to intense fuchsia alternate and then leave the spot to the first buds.
The intense green shows the strength and luxuriosity of these specimens that after a few weeks begin to show their fruits. And yet another change in colors takes off.
The red, the orange and the yellow and the violet colors begin to make their way between the foliage showing the first fruits.
From beauty to goodness, even for a private garden, you go to the stage of enjoying the chosen fruit. There is nothing better to taste a real-life apricot, a sweet and crisp cherry we’ve seen grow, an apple or pear attracting us since its first appearance.
And the plant continues to alternate scenarios; even autumn, with leaves changing colors and winter with those bare but magical branches in their shapes have a particular charm.
The beauty of many of these specimens is also the strength and resistance they demonstrate. Cherries, apricots and pear trees, just to name a few, are usually very strong.
Cherry tree grows in any kind of climate and in full light. Little demanding on the type of soil, it only fears the too moist and waterproof lands.
Apricot tree tolerates drought but fears wetlands. Prosper in any kind of soil, even calcareous, except those that are too moist or clayey.
The pear tree, also very vigorous, is also resistant to cold and drought.
The plum tree, with its tens and dozens of varieties, is a plant that develops without particular problems, especially on all occasions where it is planted in soils with a good depth and medium impact.
We could continue to describe every single variety, certainly the care is always needed, but we want to emphasize here how their beauty, alongside usefulness, should lead them to be increasingly at the center of gardens of all kinds.
Let’s not forget, then, that the fashion of do it by yourself and living respecting the environment, having fruit trees at home can only align with this trend and strengthen good eating and zero miles habits!
We look forward to seeing you at our nursery to admire the wide selection of fruits available in the season, from the classic ½ potted 12 l steam up to 20/25/30 already circumscribed specimens and even decades old trees, real specimens with a circumference of 60/80/100 cm.
Even the most skeptics will be able to touch with their hands and see with their eyes how special it is to accommodate these useful and at the same time beautiful plants.