Cultivation and sales high-quality plants

Our love of plants, horticultural passion and, in particular, the trust we’ve earned over the years have allowed us to reach levels of great value, ensuring quality, logistic and ancillary services for an increasingly vast range of customers in Italy, Europe and around the world.

With more than 30 cultivated hectares of open fields and potted plants, we’re ready to supply you with a variety of florae, from traditional to more innovative, particular shapes and varieties which you can explore in our nurseries. In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to emphasise that our nurseries, along with the city of Pistoia and the region of Tuscany, have been declared free of Xylella Fastidiosa.

To us, the increasing number of customer visits to our company is a positive confirmation of the work we carry out and, at the same time, a departure point for the launch of new ideas and projects.

What counts, for us, is the effort put into our selection of quality products, which guarantees great customer service and consistently competitive pricing.

We’re here and ready to welcome you, because only by personally visiting our “boutique” will you truly understand what sets us apart!

Our plant selection

Trees for garden centres: small, quite manageable trees, with round, pendulous, compact or natural-shaped foliage;

Instant-effect trees: planted in the ground, sold in root balls or in containers, up to large specimens in air-pots;

Fruit trees: in selected varieties (including dwarf);

Deciduous and evergreen shrubs and Mediterranean plants in containers from 3 litres up to large specimens in 1,500 litre containers;

Topiary art;

Japanese and Italian bonsais at attractive prices, high-quality plants in various shapes and sizes;

A collection of Japanese Maples (Palmatum and Dissectum) in all sizes;

A collection of Bambusa and Fargesia;

A collection of conifers planted in the ground and in containers from 3 litres up to large specimens in air-pots, with a wide choice of varietals which are even suitable for extreme climates;

A collection of Cornus (dogwood) and flowering plants for garden centres, in 3 litre pots up to large 750 litre specimens for landscape architects, decorators and garden enthusiasts;

A collection of mini-stem, half-stem, quarter-stem, and ¾ stem plants for garden centres, perfect for balconies or for small, distinctive gardens;

A collection of roses;

Multi-trunk specimens with umbelliform (parachute) crowns;

 Grasses in containers from 3 litres up to fully mature specimens in 70 litre containers.


Perennials in containers, from 3 to 10 litres.

High or medium trunk plants with twisted or braided stems to surprise those who love details and the out of the ordinary;

 Plant Specimens and unique pieces to surprise landscape architects, decorators and garden enthusiasts, and to create interesting parks, gardens and green spaces, both public and private;

Plants in the form of mini-shapes for garden centres in 15 litre pots up to larger-scale specimens in 350 litre containers (spiral, pompoms, ball, cone, cylinder, ready hedges, espalier)

Vines, both evergreen and with seasonal flowers.

In addition to our traditional production, we also research and cultivate pieces which are unique in their variety and shapes. Every year, our catalogue offers a new assortment of products and innovative items, designed exclusively for garden centres and landscaping.


Tended to in each phase of their development, our plants are truly high-quality, select products

New plants and unique pieces

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