Ground cultivation

For ground cultivation, we follow precise quality standards during the entire process:

  • Soil analysis and a careful selection of orchard locations according to the chemical composition of the land
  • Planting and care for plants using traditional methods: we’re at the cutting edge with innovative irrigation methods which we use only for actual needs, cultivating plants in the most natural conditions possible so as to encourage the formation of strong root systems
  • Diversified pruning according to the schedule that the natural and environmental conditions require but which, at the same time, consider the needs of clients, who can request various types of pruning for the product
  • Fertilisation and treatments during appropriate natural periods: during winter months, we provide an additional organic fertilisation to encourage the qualitative improvement of plants
  • Extraction of the plants from the soil according to the times necessary for each varietal, as each type has different climatic and natural needs
  • Root pruning and transplanting are carried out every 3-4 years to stimulate the formation of new root hairs and thus strengthen the root system and ensure better rooting at the time of definitive extraction

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