Logistics and Packaging


We organise the shipment and transport of ordered plants, carefully attending to the client’s needs and offering complete and partial loads with the aid of major carrier companies in our area, Italy and Europe.

Plants are prepared and loaded while safeguarding their integrity, ensuring that they reach their destination in perfect condition.

According to your needs, we can load loose plants, which can be delivered directly to your site, either on trolleys or box pallets, thus reducing unloading times at the garden centre.

Our goal is to entirely satisfy each and every one of the client’s needs, guaranteeing maximum availability and excellent, on-time service with low shipping costs.


During the tour of the nursery, we’ll come across two decorated showrooms. The first is open-air and rich with examples of unique pieces located in a sort of natural landscape; the second is a covered space where we’ve gathered an assorted sample of our plants, an alternative tour for those who have little time to spend on their visit.


In addition to standard fertilisation, we guarantee an organic re-fertilisation for plants, encouraging intense colouring and better vegetative recovery.


Upon request, we can provide clients with botanical cards that include the agricultural and technical qualities of the plants ordered, thus supplying, along with the products, an initial consultation with technical suggestions on how to care for the plant.


Upon request, we can provide custom labels, with photos and the botanical characteristics of the plant, barcodes and the client’s logo and retail price.

The label is entirely customisable and can list only the name of the plant, a photo and the measurements, or it may be complete with the name of the plant, a photo, botanical characteristics and related symbols as well as care and maintenance instructions.

It is also possible to add a barcode, retail price and logo.

It’s best to have the labels packaged separately from the plants when loaded on the lorry, so that they don’t break or get dirty in transit.

They will thus arrive new and clean, so that the customer can then display on them on plants in the garden.

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