Capecchi Enio & Figli:

“The green specialists since 1983”

Cultivation and selection of outdoor ornamental plants

More than thirty years of experience producing, cultivating and selling outdoor ornamental plants..

Our company’s history is really the story of its founder, Enio Capecchi, who more than thirty years ago began the adventure which is now carried on by his children. In fact, today the business is run by Claudio and Michela Capecchi, the second generation of a historical company, one of Pistoia’s most famous nurseries.

Like any successful company, ours is also nothing without its employees: experts and specialised consultants who are here to offer advice and support, with attention and utmost professionalism, to each buyer who visits our nursery.

We’re proud to say that some of our employees have worked with us for over 20 years. Our staff is here to help customers with the knowledge and proficiency they’ve earned from experience, fully understanding what clients’ needs and expectations are.

Our clientele often compare our company to a boutique, where they can choose from beautiful, high-quality plants, supported by cordial, informed employees who are ready to talk and especially to listen, to understand individual needs and collect ideas, transforming them into new departure points for the future.

Capecchi around the world

Spurred by a company mission based on the principles of ethics and integrity, always aware of the quality of and care for interpersonal relationships, today we’re extending outwards to an international vision of the business. This is Capecchi Nurseries.

We work in Europe and in other parts of the world, always with an eye to innovation, and to requests and suggestions from clients, who we personally meet on various occasions throughout the year.

Thanks to our organisation and flexibility, we create personalised, unique pieces in terms of shape and size, so as to satisfy the demands of every type of client, from garden centres, to gardeners, to landscape or green-space architects.

We proudly represent the best nursery traditions of Pistoia and Italy in the rest of the world. Thanks to decades of experience in all these markets, we’re able to supply plants which suit the needs of any climate or any type of client.


  • Scheduled visits with an staff representative in your preferred language who will accompany you during your entire time at the company and also be responsible for any future needs in the coming years.
  • New introductions of unique pieces, special in their genre, in their shape and in their size, and exemplary specimens which are added to the vast range of traditional varieties.
  • Exclusive reservation. When you choose your plant, we tag it with unique tape and handle everything up until the agreed-upon shipment day.
  • Purchases without minimums, including small lots, to ensure clients a continuous assortment of thriving plants in their stores.
  • Precise, punctual logistics, with daily departures for Italy, the rest of Europe and even worldwide, plus shipments of partial loads processed weekly for Italy and Europe.
  • Organic re-fertilisation of plants during winter to ensure intense colouring and better vegetation growth in spring at the customer’s store

Our strengths: the nature of and the care we put into interpersonal relationships. We’re a family-run company large enough to ensure a complete selection of outdoor ornamental plants, yet small enough to ensure a human relationship with customers, which we believe is fundamental.

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