Experts from all over the world meet at the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture,

IPM ESSEN 2019, from 22 – 25 January 2019.

It is the only specialist trade fair of its kind to cover the entire value chain of plants, including production,

technology, floristry, garden features, and the point of sale.

No other plant fair offers trade visitors such a comprehensive market overview and so many novelties – and we are part of it!

We would be pleased to see you on our stand 4 E 17  at IPM ESSEN 2019.


Our company’s fundamental display and starting point to allow customers to see something different by inspiring them with new ideas and new horizons, our showroom of specimens and unique pieces changes.
By chatting with you, our affectionate customers, we have found that this brief but intense tour is a fundamental step for you during your visit, especially for those who are part of their business on the design and construction of gardens and green areas and need more and more innovative ideas, special varieties and eye-catching items of rare beauty.
While meeting this need, we have decided to modify and perfect our showroom, which has always been the home of exemplary and beautiful plants of our nursery.
This year, the exhibition occupies two sectors of the nursery; we have enlarged it both on the roadside and within the company, trying to give you something more to be useful to you and to make your visit more and more profitable and enjoyable.
We wanted to perfect our old “labyrinth” with its narrow streets where we ventured to discover the various landscapes we had created, hunting for the most hidden plants, transforming it into a real “theater” with various scenery of flowerbeds based on specific combinations and geographic areas.
The great main road, also accessible by car, shows the visitor a whole series of scenarios, giving the impression of a quick trip among the most beautiful gardens in the world.
From Japan, where the landscape is characterized by maples, bonsai and new forms of euonymus, we quickly pass into Tuscany, with cypresses, vines, pomegranates, quercus ilex, quercus suber … and move to the Mediterranean Area, with a rich palm trees with various specimens of cycas, sabal, chamaerops, dracaene and yucca. We have certainly not forgotten the north of Europe, with spectacular conifers, big araucarie, abies, pinus and cedrus; we then cut a different sketch, the topiary bed with its particular forms so typical of Pistoia’s nursery and varietal “new tests”.
And then … we certainly do not want to ruin your surprise!
We can really provide a very wide range of products, give you the right idea and allow you to choose the most suitable pieces for your audience.
We do not want to let you think of garden center owners that we no longer have all that range of products that you are so dear to, but this is only part of our range that we have the pleasure to introduce you with enthusiasm and passion.
In each area we are ready to provide state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of landscapers, gardeners, green architects and collectors who are looking for unique plants, tantalizing specimens, special shapes and big plants (sometimes also in varieties for which it is really difficult to find such impressive pieces!) with which to create modern gardens, characteristic and especially characterized by the presence of at least one truly unique piece!
Just an example, to attract you … what do you think about PRUNUS MUME Bonsai?
Perhaps more famous with the name of Japanese apricot, this small deciduous tree with dark green leaves brings beautiful light pink, single or double, flowers with their delicate perfume.
But do not forget about the whole range for the garden centers, always alike in the vanguard and constantly rich in novelty and little good!
We are waiting for you!

At our nursery, we take pride in the quality of the plants we offer our customers. We care about making sure that when you choose a plant, it gets to its destination as planned, without damage of any kind.

It may seem like a given, but behind the simple delivery of the plant just as you chose it is an incredible amount of care and attention, work which we gladly do to make sure we never cause problems or discontent among our customers.

Purchases must arrive on time, in optimal conditions and ready to be unloaded and displayed quickly and easily, without difficulty or time wasted.

To strengthen the services we provide, in recent years we have consistently selected and used specialised carriers, able to provide quick and careful transport within Italy and to most of the rest of Europe. This includes the delivery of small lots, freeing the customer from the burden of buying too many plants which might end up sitting in storage, becoming less fresh and less lush over time.

This is exactly why we opted for bi-weekly and weekly deliveries (according to the destination), allowing for a wide range of variation within each lot at convenient pricing.

But let’s start from the beginning and take a look at each step of the process.

Most of the work we do involves shipping plants which are loaded loose, meaning each one isn’t attached to the next. When we have small lots to deliver to nearby areas, we organise the “groupage” of orders, which we ourselves plan, thereby ensuring lower transport costs and making sure we meet the agreed upon delivery time.

The plants are “wrapped”, that is, their foliage is wrapped up in a stretchy, macro-perforated tape which protects their branches during transport, allowing us to pack the plant more compactly to optimise the load space and, at the same time, lets the plant breathe and stay fresh.

For the same reason, smaller plants are “bagged”, meaning the pot and foliage are placed inside a mesh sack which provides the same protection as described above.

At times, upon request or when an order is made up only of small plants (generally for garden centres or retail stores), we load them in what’s called a CC TROLLEY, multi-level Danish container carts which make it easier for the customer to unload the product. When it arrives to the point of sale, the trolley just needs to be lowered off the vehicle on the platform. These trolleys also help maximise space on the lorry and keep the plants safe during transport.

We currently offer deliveries of partial loads, departing weekly for Central-North Italy, England, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany, Austria, as well as weekly and bi-weekly deliveries to the rest of Europe.

Of course, full load departures are sent out daily, destined for Italy, Europe and just about any other country around the world.

All this work is done to ensure that anyone, at any time of the year, placing orders and/or restocking, feels free to choose the quantity needed and is always satisfied with the quality and costs of shipping our products.

You might also be interested in reading the page we’ve dedicated to logistics:

IPM Essen fair is certainly the most important occasion of the year to find out news and trends in the horticultural world, to meet with colleagues, suppliers and customers and, why not, to have fun and be inspired to discover curiosities and innovations.

Visited this year by more than 57,000 people from all over the world, it houses as many as 1,577 exhibitors from 45 countries that show their latest technology, boast their most extravagant and wonderful specimens and exhibit their most eye-catching commercial promotions.

We know how this fair, known worldwide, is valuable to keep alive the relationship with all of you customers, and we want to give our best to exchange new information related to our sector as well as to understand how to better meet your needs.

So let’s see what were the main features of this year’s event:

The plants conquer the urban spaces and daily life! The “Urban Jungle” and the fact of knowing how to “grow autonomously” were, in fact, two key elements of the whole fair. Herbs, fruits and the best of the season conquer an important position not occupying only the orchard space, but also being expertly blended with ornamental and inedible specimens.

And to make this possible new irrigation and cultivation item were presented, allowing the growth of many varieties, almost anywhere, even prolonging life and lushness.

But that’s not all! The “trendy” color for next season will be the rose, possibly combined with the purple, in a single flower, to decorate terraces and gardens.

Then discussion involved the digitization of the green and the many conferences and workshops have been held to educate and enrich the many visitors to the world of green.

They were then rewarded the companies that have brought the most interesting innovations, both at the level of hybrid creations as well as technology.

Obviously, we in Capecchi Capecchi Vivai could not be outdone, and, following the trend to innovation and digitization carried out in these four days, presented our stand, a meeting between technology and tradition, intended to show the best of our desire to take care of our customers and plants that, with much love, we produce and ship all over Europe, and not only…

Given that so many fail to come and see us, we tried to reproduce the sensations and emotions that are experienced in our company, playing on the image reproducing views and visions of our headquarters.

An overview of our nursery was projected behind the spaces for welcoming customers, making them experiencing the feeling of being facing in one of the windows of our offices. At the center of the stand then there was a miniature garden, with some examples produced by us with, in the background, again a projection of our gardens and a reproduction of our offices hall.

Many people stopped by and gave us moments of sharing.

We would like to thank you for the appreciation given us for this way of being even more attentive to quality and for the personal relationship, and we expect many of you at our “original offices” here in Pistoia!