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Capecchi Enio & Figli:

“The green specialists since 1983”

Since 1983 we’ve selected and cultivated outdoor ornamental plants, according to the rigorous quality principles with which our founder established and led the company.

Over the years, we’ve grown in terms of staff, size and technology. Today we’re a modern and organised family-run company, happy to discuss and understand the needs of all our customers.

Our attention to details and personal relationships has allowed us, over the years, to become the “Green Boutique” of Italian nurseries.
When a customer visits our nurseries, s/he will find a courteous atmosphere, expert staff and utmost availability. For this reason, we can ensure select products and services which are sure to fit your every need.

Thanks to our dynamic, flexible and precise organisation and logistics, we ship worldwide in quantities of all sizes, from larger lots to custom orders

Our plants

Cared for in every phase of their development, our plants are truly high-quality, select products.

News and unique products

Get in touch!

Contact us for more information or to book your visit to our nursery (during the summer you can directly reserve the plants you’d like)