Cultivation in containers

Even for plants grown in containers, we guarantee continuous treatments and pruning.

Thanks to the support of an internal agronomist who constantly monitors the various parts of the nursery, we’re able to prevent and treat illnesses or various problems which may damage or weaken our products.

Even in this context, in addition to routine fertilisation, during winter months we provide an additional organic fertilisation which encourages notable colouring in spring, while at the customer’s store.

For this type of cultivation, we use two different techniques, depending on the type of plant cultivated and scheduling:

  • Re-potting from a smaller container to a larger one: a few types of plants develop significantly going from one pot to the next, with the advantage of being re-potted at any period during the year, before their vegetative growth. This technique gives us great growth results, resulting in a bigger size than the previous one, yet maintaining a light and manageable container. Such production may easily be destined for countries where soil from other countries is prohibited.
  • Potting from a burlap root ball (soil grown), with the classic method: other types and sizes of plants are transplanted with this method, that is, they are removed from the ground and put in a pot, preferably in September/October/November so that their roots have already taken hold by spring. The client can thus enjoy a longer sales range, thanks to the extended beauty of the foliage, even for the following season.

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