At our nursery, we take pride in the quality of the plants we offer our customers. We care about making sure that when you choose a plant, it gets to its destination as planned, without damage of any kind.

It may seem like a given, but behind the simple delivery of the plant just as you chose it is an incredible amount of care and attention, work which we gladly do to make sure we never cause problems or discontent among our customers.

Purchases must arrive on time, in optimal conditions and ready to be unloaded and displayed quickly and easily, without difficulty or time wasted.

To strengthen the services we provide, in recent years we have consistently selected and used specialised carriers, able to provide quick and careful transport within Italy and to most of the rest of Europe. This includes the delivery of small lots, freeing the customer from the burden of buying too many plants which might end up sitting in storage, becoming less fresh and less lush over time.

This is exactly why we opted for bi-weekly and weekly deliveries (according to the destination), allowing for a wide range of variation within each lot at convenient pricing.

But let’s start from the beginning and take a look at each step of the process.

Most of the work we do involves shipping plants which are loaded loose, meaning each one isn’t attached to the next. When we have small lots to deliver to nearby areas, we organise the “groupage” of orders, which we ourselves plan, thereby ensuring lower transport costs and making sure we meet the agreed upon delivery time.

The plants are “wrapped”, that is, their foliage is wrapped up in a stretchy, macro-perforated tape which protects their branches during transport, allowing us to pack the plant more compactly to optimise the load space and, at the same time, lets the plant breathe and stay fresh.

For the same reason, smaller plants are “bagged”, meaning the pot and foliage are placed inside a mesh sack which provides the same protection as described above.

At times, upon request or when an order is made up only of small plants (generally for garden centres or retail stores), we load them in what’s called a CC TROLLEY, multi-level Danish container carts which make it easier for the customer to unload the product. When it arrives to the point of sale, the trolley just needs to be lowered off the vehicle on the platform. These trolleys also help maximise space on the lorry and keep the plants safe during transport.

We currently offer deliveries of partial loads, departing weekly for Central-North Italy, England, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany, Austria, as well as weekly and bi-weekly deliveries to the rest of Europe.

Of course, full load departures are sent out daily, destined for Italy, Europe and just about any other country around the world.

All this work is done to ensure that anyone, at any time of the year, placing orders and/or restocking, feels free to choose the quantity needed and is always satisfied with the quality and costs of shipping our products.

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